Sleep With Salted Lemon Beside Your Head And In The Morning You Will Shock !!!

The best healthiest food is lemon.It is rich with with vitamin C, this is only food in the world that is anionic, lemon cleans your bowels, alkalizing your body and good for your liver.Lemon helps to people who suffer from depression and it is excellent source of potassium.Lemon aids digestion in organism.

If you like to feel fresh after you wake up try this amazing trick:

Before you go to sleep cut the lemon into four pieces, salt it and put in the glass.The glass must to stay beside your head.People who suffering from allergies and asthma this is the best remedy solution.After that trick when you will wake up the benefits will experience:

  • Lemons will protect you from insects while you sleep
  • You wake up fresh
  • Instead of coffee in the morning we breathe the scent of lemon and it will wake you up fast
  • The air in the room will be fresh and nice smell
  • Freshens your breath.