19 Ways How To Build Raised Bed Garden

Wooden Raised Garden

You can easily do large planters or raised bed gardens. It will only take a few hours of your time. Include your family members in this project and follow the instructions, because you can have a farm in your own garden. Plant veggies for fresh salad or plant fresh flowers in it.

You can find some inspiration in the following wooden raised gardens:

Raised Bed Gardens Made With Concrete

Concrete blocks are amazing for reusing it for indoors and outdoors. In the last years the usage of concrete is becoming more popular, as it can fit in every garden. They give a spectacular raised bed gardens where you could plant vegetables, flowers, or herbs. Inspire yourself in the following pictures of raised bed gardens made of concrete!

Raised Bed Gardens Made From Metal

Metal is a material that can last for years. You can make great raised bed gardens with corrugated metal and your plants will grow fast. You can have large and tall raised bed gardens. Take a look at the following images and get some ideas:

Raised Bed Gardens Made From Man-Made Materials

Reuse, repurpose, or recycle! Take a look at the following images, and see what we are talking about:

Source: www.fantasticviewpoint.com